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Green Tea is a healthy alternative to caffeine.

Many people struggle to get through the day without a cup or more of caffeinated coffee, chocolate, energy drinks and other products.

Yes, caffeine occurs in many of our foods and if you are not paying attention to the labels maybe consuming more than you anticipated.

Chinese have the medicinal value of green tea and have been using it to treat ailments for years.

What Is In Green Tea That Makes It So Special?

Antioxidants called epigallocatechin gallate.  It inhibits cells causing cancer without destroying healthy cells around it.

Tests have shown it has reduced cholesterol levels and stops the gathering of blood clots in our bodies.

It has also been known to protect the liver against harmful toxins, alcohol and cigarette smoke.

Here are some more benefits derived from green tea:

1.   Used to treat multiple sclerosis

2.  Treat immune function

3.  Ability to treat cardiovascular diseases

4.   Balances good cholesterol against bad cholesterol

5.  Treats rheumatoid arthritis

6.   Helps maintain good oral health

7.   Helps relieves and quickens recovery from flu and colds

8.  It helps stimulate the metabolism and burns calories

9.  Used as a key element in a healthy diet

10.  It has been used to prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

There are many more benefits in drinking green tea besides the ones mentioned above.

*The above is not medical advice.  You should seek your medical physician advice before starting any treatments or change of diets.


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