Where to Buy Bitcoins And Where You Can Spend Them Part 1

bitcoins | Nov 01, 2018

Recommended Wallet & Exchanges First a little education: Wallet vs Exchange and how it relates to USI-Tech –Wallet is where you receive, hold, or keep your bitcoin (you own your private keys and bitcoin in a wallet so no one can ever t...

You can now buy XRP directly from Changelly with a Visa or MasterCard 

bitcoins | Nov 01, 2018

XRP is one of those coins I believe is going to be large and very relevant in the near future.  If you haven’t added it to your portfolio you should definitely consider it (do not buy what you cannot afford).  Changelly has now made it pos...

How do you find and recruit good affiliates

bitcoins | Nov 01, 2018

Don’t listen to the rumors that it is easy to recruit.  Not true. It takes work and patience. Most marketers don’t want to put in the time it takes to recruit new affiliates or distributors. This can work in your favor the laziness of other m...